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Practice Status


What programs do you offer?
Basketball, flag football, soccer, tennis, and lacrosse. The availability of each program varies depending on your child’s school.

Where and when are practices?
Practices are after school at your child’s school PE facilities. Practice times vary depending on each school’s time of dismissal.

What are practices like?
Kids are grouped by age and skill level and taught fundamental skills through age-appropriate games and instruction in a fun, recreational setting.

Who are the coaches?
All team coaches are adults/certified professionals with training in their respective sports. High school student athletes will serve as assistant coaches only!

How can I contact my child’s coach?
We ask that you go through our office to get a message to your child’s coach. We also have on-site supervisors to whom you may go with questions and/or concerns.

What equipment do I need to buy?
We provide all practice and game equipment. You only need to provide soccer cleats and shin guards or appropriate footwear for whatever sport you sign up for.

What should my child wear to practice?
Your child can practice in whatever he/she comes to school in. However, we recommend appropriate footwear for each of the sports: soccer or football cleats, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, etc.

Should my child bring a water bottle to school/practice?
Water bottles are always recommended; however, water fountains are easily accessible.

What is your refund policy if I withdraw my child?
As stated on our registration form, no refunds are available. We all know that special circumstances arise so our management team will work with you to make the determination in those special cases.

What is your rain policy?
If it’s a light rain, we can play anyway. If there’s lightning, we’ll cancel. If extreme weather occurs during practice, our staff will make sure your child safely reaches the nearest shelter and will use their best judgment in all circumstances.

How will I be notified of changes in the practice schedule?
We email and text message parents in the event of a practice change or cancellation. We use the email addresses and phone numbers provided by you on the registration form. We also ask the schools to make a public announcement at the end of the day if there will be a practice cancellation. If you are in doubt about the status of your practice, call us at 305.233.0000.

Can I register my child for four days per week of one particular sport?
No. We offer each team sport on two specific days per week. If you register for four days per week, you must choose two different sports. Additionally, you cannot register for two sports that we offer on the same day (choose one).

The choices we list on registration forms under are the exact (and only) choices we offer.

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